Wednesday, July 15, 2009

KISS concert

This year I bought a full pass for Bluesfest here in Ottawa thinking that I would magically develop the motivation to get out for a few days...well, it's the same sort of logic that encouraged me to buy an annual gym pass which I used for about a month. With the festival tickets, the result has been somewhat the same. Right now I'm trying to sell what days are left.

Tonight, though, is a different story. KISS, the mega make-up band, is giving a show that I just can't miss. As soon as I'm finished with my last class here at the school, I'm heading out to the enjoy the tunes. Yay! I'll probably be sending out Tweets all night and will, of course, be posting an update ASAP.

I want to rock'n'roll all night and party every day...

Monday, July 13, 2009

My first ramble...

For awhile now I've been waiting to 'start' this blog...waiting to find something noteworthy to write. Tonight it struck me, though, that most blogs are just general ramblings and musings about nothing in particular. This suits me just fine.

Those of you who know me, know that I applied for a few jobs in the north and, unfortunately, I believe I confused everyone last week when I put a rather cryptic (in retrospect) note on my facebook status, I do NOT yet have a job; I'm tentatively optimistic about a position, but that's all I want to say before the 't's are crossed, the 'i's dotted, and the contract signed. Don't worry, I'll let everyone out there know as soon as I do. it turns out, I don't have too much to ramble about tonight; I'm just dead tired and know that I should probably drag my butt to bed. What is it, though, that keeps me awake until 2am?

Well, to all of you out there in blogger-land, safe journey.