Sunday, July 19, 2009

KISS Update...

When I was in high school, I was not a card-carrying member of the 'KISS Army' that is so often referred to; although my friends and I would feign interest in Kiss, AC/DC, Metallica, etc., our hearts were definitely more invested in Boy George, Madonna, and Tiffany. After last week's concert, though, I think I'm hooked. I don't think there's anything better to get you up and going in the morning than the 'do do do d'do d'do do do' of I Was Made for Loving You? It now holds a very prominent spot in most of my iPod playlists.

Favorite quote of the night? There were a few, but this had to be the best...

Paul Stanley: I see there's a little mash-pit forming here in front of me; you guys enjoying yourself? (screaming ensues) If you want a mash-pit, take yourself to a bloody death metal concert. (even more screaming ensues) We don't want people getting hurt at our concert so, if you want a mash-pit, take yourselves out there (motions to the other side of the fence barrier) and mash your heads up against each other.

...I think the 'pit' dispersed.

You know, I always thought of Gene Simmons as the head of the band...the leader. As it turns out, he's not too vocal in the show - he generally just waves his tongue aroung a lot. Paul Stanley is the guy who keeps the crowd hoppin'. Starchild, as he is known in all KISS circles, still prances aroung with his hairy chest framed by a pair of suspenders, spandex, and a lot of crazy 80s hair. Classic.

Gene, The Demon, is definitely something to behold. With his bat wings, spiked gauntlets, and metal scaled boots, the blood smeared on his chin and dripping down his chest is merely the icing on the crazy devil cake. He is, and always will be I believe, a true performer. He plays to the crowd and gives them a way to else can you explain the continued success of a show like Family Jewels? A blood spitting rockstar, a former Playmate and their two kids. In one house.

Catman, formerly Peter Criss, is awesome. Eric Singer's his name and, well, you know the rest. He definitely keeps the beats in line to anchor the show. This clip (start it at about 2:20) isn't from the Ottawa show, but it's from the same tour...this is the same solo he gave at Bluesfest, same space-like moving platform. Very cool.

The last one, Spaceman, is also a replacement...Ace Frehley was the original and he definitely knew his stuff. I must say, though, that Tommy Thayer has had no problems replacing him. This clip is also from the same tour which reached Ottawa. Other than a few solos, he stays out of sight.

A simple blog can't really convey the taste, the smell, the sound, the sight, and the overall feeling of a live concert nor can a youtube clip give you a front row seat; however, at least by writing it, I get to re-live it. They rocked the night away in a conservative city with the Parliament Building right behind them...somewhere I have a pic of the cone-shaped parliamentary library. It was definitely a night to remember.

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